Run from the devil skull to scape from hell  and rise your score, but don't stop playing because the show must go on.

This is game made in less then 4 months during my third semester as a student in the University FUMEC located in Brazil, made by a team of 6 people; myself, Lucas Borges, Melksedeck Lima, Obiwan Souza, Jonathan Damiani and Wallace Vidigal, this was the first game we've ever made. An Android version was made and published to Google's PlayStore, but, due to Google's change in policies it was removed.

The game is a infinity-runner inspired by Jetpack Joyride, where you play as guitarrist Steve, who acidently played the devilish note during a concert and was sent to hell, now he has to run from the devil skull and collect coins and power ups to go as far as you can to raise your score before the skull catches up.

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